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Eight Spots

Eight Spots is the property of Firebrand Projects Pty Ltd.

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Eight Spots is a personalised recommendations service for international travellers.

Eight Spots helps travellers save time and avoid disappointing dining and drinking experiences when visiting new cities, by generating personalised city dining guides, comprising of café, restaurant and bar recommendations that are tailored to each user's particular tastes.

Currently, Eight Spots provides personalised coverage of Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Perth and Sydney, with plans to expand to include more than 90 other international cities.

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Press mentions

" you personalized guides of where to eat and drink, focused on spots you'll like."

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"...predictive analytics to guide you to good eats and spare you bad and bland meals on the road."

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"...a more advanced service that builds a 'taste profile' crafted from your personal interests and those of people similar to you."

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"...makes it easy for you to share and discover restaurants, cafes and bars that suit your personal tastes, in each of the world's most exciting cities."

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"...gain access to personalised plans in several cities, with restaurants where, according to our activity and profile, we can feel more at home."

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Sean Craig came up with the idea for Eight Spots while visiting Paris one weekend with friends. The conversation turned to how difficult it can be when visiting new cities to quickly find the sorts of restaurants, cafes and bars that appeal directly to our own tastes. More often it seemed to be the case that, to find these places, you either had to spend hours poring over 100s of indiscriminate TripAdvisor reviews (how can you know whether or not @randomreviewer33's tastes are like your own?), or run the gauntlet of trying places that you randomly encounter (which has a certain romantic notion about it, but is invariably hit and miss).

Often you can overcome the problem to some extent by asking around your friends that share similar tastes to you. This can be a little time consuming and requires a great level of organisation, but more often results in a few quality ideas.

Instead Sean thought that it would be great to have a website that made this process easier and more effective, by pooling together the best recommendations from amongst your friends. A site, which also compared your tastes to other users outside of your friendship group to fill in the gaps where your friends hadn't been... hence the birth of Eight Spots.

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Founder bio

Sean Craig

Sean Craig

Director, Firebrand Projects Pty Ltd

Sean lives in Fremantle, Western Australia, but travels and explores new cities whenever he can, noting "I love to travel and thought that the Eight Spots concept would be a simple way for my friends and me to pool together and share our best finds from the cities we love, including Berlin, Tokyo, Paris and London".

With a background in corporate commercial management, Sean has qualifications in economics & finance, engineering and management, and has been involved in a number of side projects over the years, the most recent being Eight Spots.

Sean can be contacted via e-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course... Eight Spots.

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Downloadable press kit

You can also download a zipped press kit, which includes press releases, screen shots, logos, and a founder's bio and photo.

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'串かつ 活, Tokyo' by Eight Spots on Flickr.
Used under Creative Commons License.