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Frequently asked questions.

Which cities are covered?

Eight Spots currently provides personalised recommendations for the following cities:

  • Berlin
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Perth
  • Sydney

So why can I submit reviews for other cities?

The following cities are in building mode, which means we're asking people to submit their go to spots in preparation for their impending launch: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Atlanta, Auckland, Bangkok, Barcelona, Basel, Beijing, Beirut, Belfast, Belgrade, Bilbao, Bogota, Bologna, Boston, Brasilia, Brisbane, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Caracas, Chicago, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dallas, Delhi, Denver, Dubai, Dublin, Dusseldorf , Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Genoa , Glasgow, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hanoi, Havana, Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Houston, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Kyoto, Las Vegas, Lima, Lisbon, Liverpool, Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Lyon, Maastricht, Madrid, Manchester, Marrakech, Marseille, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Naples, New Orleans, Nice, Osaka, Oslo, Palermo, Palma de Mallorca, Philadelphia, Porto, Prague, Reykjavik, Riga, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Rotterdam, Salvador, Salzburg, San Francisco, San Juan, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Sapporo, Seattle, Seoul, Seville, Shanghai, Singapore, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Taipei, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Turin, Valencia, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Washington DC, Zurich.

Personalised recommendations for each of these cities will be enabled once they have accumulated a critical mass of reviews.

Will all towns and cities eventually be available?

No, not all towns and cities will be available. The intention is to focus on international cities, which are major business and leisure destinations, like those listed above.

To a large extent; however, which cities and when they will be added will be based on demand from Eight Spots users.

Can I leave you some feedback (good or bad)?

Yes! Please e-mail Eight Spots.

I've submitted a review for a city, but why isn't there a stamp for it in my passport?

Stamps are only issued once you've nominated a go to spot in a particular city.

Where do the venue photos come from?

Ultimately, photos are uploaded by Eight Spots users. However, when venues have only recently been added to Eight Spots and there are no or few user photos, the photos are supplemented with Instagram photos for that location. Instagram photos can be differentiated from Eight Spots photos, as they're attributed to Instagram and the Instagram user to which they belong.

Please note that Eight Spots uses the Instagram API to obtain these photos, but Eight Spots is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.

'Godshot' by Xjs-Khaos on Flickr.
Used under Creative Commons License.